Saddle Models
Kydaho Rancher PDF Print E-mail

Standard Features: (Click Image To Enlarge)

  • Tree: “Steele” Equi-Fit Classic. Solid wood Fiberglass wrapped
  • Color: Chestnut, Dark Brown, Black, Oak or Russet
  • Seats: Youth through 18.5"
  • Cantle: Pencil roll
  • Stirrups: Genuine EZ ride or Western – Leather Covered
  • Rigging: Flat plate, drop ring or seat rig.
  • Hardware: “Horse Shoe Brand” Stainless, Plain Stainless or brass
  • Rear Tie strings

Price $1892.00 + Shipping

Top saddle shown with optional Basketweave, studs, color combo and seat rig.

Bottom saddle shown with optional thinner taller horn, Texas twist fenders and custom border carving.


Western Trail PDF Print E-mail

Standard Features: (Click Image To Enlarge)

(Pictures may feature Value-added options)

  • Tree: Steele Equi-Fit Classic.  Solid wood Fiberglass Wrapped.
  • Colors: Chestnut, Black, Brown, Oak or Russet
  • Skirt: Butterfly, Endurance lite, or Square
  • Seat size: Youth through 18.5"
  • Stirrup: Western or E-Z ride endurance style
  • Fender Style: Any.  See Saddle Options
  • Rigging: Drop ring or Flat plate
  • Hardware: Plain Stainless Steel or "Horseshoe Brand" Stainless
  • Border Stamp: Your choice of border
  • Cantle: Pencil Roll standard
  • Rear Strings
  • Weight: As low as 24 lbs with stirrups, depending on options

Price $1,848.00 + Shipping


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Renegade Endurance PDF Print E-mail

Renegade Endurance Saddle

Standard Features: (Click Image To Enlarge)

  • Tree: ” Steele “  Equi-Fit  Classic
  • Pommel choice: Western or Slim pommel  (Slim Pommel Hornless Only)
  • Skirt: Endurance lite.
  • Color: Chestnut , Dark Brown, Black or Russet
  • Seat Sizes: Youth through 18
  • Cantle: Pencil Roll
  • Rigging: Drop Ring.  With or without rear cinch ring or 3 point rig ring
  • Hardware: Stainless or "Horse Shoe Brand"  Stainless
  • Stirrup: Genuine EZ ride Covered or Western Leather Covered
  • Fender: Curve endurance, or straight endurance
  • Stirrup adjustment: Nylon Reinforced with Leather / Single pin Buckle or regular leather with blevins
  • Rear Ties
  • Border Stamp: Your choice of border stamp
  • Weight: As low as 22lbs with stirrups, depending on options

Price: $1,799.00 +Shipping


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Cascade Wade PDF Print E-mail

Cascade Wade  Trail Saddle

Standard Features: (Click Image To Enlarge)

  • Tree: Steele   Equi-FitClassic.  Solid wood, Fiberglass wrapped
  • Color: Chestnut, Dark Brown Russet or Black
  • Seat Sizes: Youth through 18.5”
  • Skirt: Butterfly, Square or Endurance light
  • Cantle: Pencil Roll
  • Stirrups: Genuine EZ ride or Western Leather Covered
  • Fenders: Full Western, Med Western Or Endurance
  • Rigging: Drop ring or Flat plate
  • Hardware: “Horse Shoe Brand” Stainless or plain stainless
  • Border Stamp: Border stamp of your choice
  • Horn: Post Style Horn
  • Rear Ties
  • Weight: As low as 24lbs with stirrups, depending on options

Also available with small horn.  Custom tree charge applies.

Price:  $1,848.00 + Shipping


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Plantation Trail PDF Print E-mail

Plantation  Trail Saddle

Standard Features: (Click Image To Enlarge)

  • Tree: “Steele” Equi-Fit
  • Color: Chestnut, Dark Brown or Black
  • Pommel: Slim, Full Swell or "A" fork
  • Seats: Youth through 18.5
  • Cantle: Pencil Roll Standard
  • Stirrups: Genuine EZ ride  or Western – Leather Covered
  • Rigging: 3 point or Traditional Western
  • Hardware: “Horse Shoe Brand” Stainless
  • Breast Strap: D-rings & Crupper D-ring
  • Rear Tie strings
  • With or Without a horn
  • Saddle Weight: without stirrups Approx 24 lbs.Depending on flap size
  • Additional options: Petite or regular flap

Price $1,859.00 + Shipping


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George Steele the great, great grandfather of Ed Steele, came to this country in 1840. In 1848 after raising enough capitol he moved to Nashville. During the Civil war he built trees for the Confederate Cavalry. At the capture of Nashville his entire operation was confiscated and all his machinery moved north. He was then deported back to England because he was still a British subject having not gaining his American citizenship. After the war he returned to the same property near Nashville 150 yrs later 5 generations later. Ed Steele is still building, manufacturing and Designing trees.

Ed’s father taught him the production side and his Grandfather taught him the design side. Ed has taken all of this knowledge and transformed it in to what we have today. He understands that the horse must be comfortable along with the rider. Ed brings five generations of tree building and design but still he learns everyday. He does not assume to know it all, Ed is constantly striving to improve his product.

Our Steele trees are built out of southern yellow pine encased in fiberglass and resin for strength, durability, and weather resistance. Why would anyone want a saddle that doesn’t carry the Steele name as its foundation?

When choosing the tree for your saddle, we select to fit the needs of the horse and rider. It is important that both the horse and rider are comfortable with the fit. A saddle that fits one horse can very well serve for more than one, if their backs are similar; however, the extremes are incompatible.

Often a mule will have a flatter back than a horse, not in the wither area, usually 3-5 inches behind the withers. This is where the bars of a saddle rest on the animals back. Mule bars are designed to sit down better on the mule's straight back and allows for less rock in the bars to accommodate the mule's needs.

It is very important that you send the photos and order the "Fit to be Seen" forms when fitting your mule.