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About Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles

Our saddle designs come from 2nd and 3rd generation Amish craftsmen. Our saddles are built one at a time. Every saddle is hand crafted , no production lines. Our leather is hand picked from “Wicket& Craig”. Our brass and stainless hardware is of the highest quality.

We use “Steele Trees”. Ed Steele is a 5th generation tree-builder. Steele trees are the leaders in the industry. We can build your saddle to your liking: whether it means shortening your fenders for the petite woman or lengthening for the largest of men. All you have to do is ask.

Here at Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles, there are no gimmicks, no false promises of making your horse gait better, or to correct those behavior problems.We won’t promise that we can fit every horse there is, but by trying one of our trees and/or the “Fit To Be Seen Forms” by “Steele” we will promise you this: Your saddle will fit your horse, which will make him or her more comfortable, which will make you ultimately more comfortable.


All of that at a price that won’t make you saddle poor .